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Island Fusions.

Hello and welcome to Island Fusions. A site full of flavour, spice and creative ideas for your culinary experiences and enjoyment. My name is Sylena and I am the owner and creator of Island Fusions. Wife and mum of 3. I'll give you a little history about my background and what led me to create such a brand. I am of Jamaican, Indian and Scottish heritage but i was born and live in the UK, London. This is what has influenced me in my personal cooking and the use of fusioned flavours from many cultures. I have always had a natural interest in  mixing and blending flavours when cooking or preparing meals. This is what led me to create and explore the concept of Island Fusions, Vegan friendly sauces and marinades. 
Island fusions represents a modern way of preparing, cooking and presenting Caribbean food. Island Fusions prides itself on using fresh ingredients combining traditional Caribbean spices and fusioned flavours from around the world 🌎 to create delicious unique sauces. Cognac, rum, star anise, Scotch bonnet, cayenne pepper and sweet Agarve nectar are some of the flavour notes you will identify within the sauces.  Island Fusions sauces helps you to make easy tasty dishes with a flare of my unique fusion of flavours that will inspire you to bring Island Fusions into your home.


International Shipping Policy

Island Fusions Welcomes all nations from around the world. No matter what part of the globe you are visiting from. We will try our best to give you the Island Fusions experience. For all international deliveries please send an email with enquiry details about your order. We will reply with a price for the weight of your purchase. Don't be shy contact us today.