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I am a mother of 3 amazingly quirky children and wife to my very supportive husband. I am of Jamaican, Indian and scottish heritage but i was born and live in the UK, London. This is what has influenced me in my personal cooking and the use of fusioned flavours from many cultures. I have always had a natural interest and talent for mixing and blending flavours when cooking or preparing meals. This is what led me to create and explore the concept of Island Fusions, sauces and marinades. Island fusions represents a modern way of presenting, cooking and preparing food. Combining traditional Caribbean spices with fusioned flavours from across the world. Helping you to make easy tasty dishes with a flare of my unique fusion of flavours that will inspire you to bring Island Fusions into your home.


International Shipping Policy

Island Fusions Welcomes all nations from around the world. No matter what part of the globe you are visiting from. We will try our best to give you the Island Fusions experience. For all international deliveries please send an email with enquire details about your order. We will reply with a price and weight for all purchases. Don't be shy contact us today.


Delicious recipe suggestions.

Duppy Jerk Aubergine

Why not spice up your life by adding Duppy Jerk Marinade to your vegetables like aubergine, sweet potatoes, yams or even carrots.

Duppy Jerk Chicken

Always a big hit and forever famous around the world. Jerk has been Jamaica's signature flavour that has been added to dishes for centuries. Add some to your chicken, sit back and enjoy the sunshine in your mouth. Use some Passa Passa BBQ Sauce as a dip or smother your chicken in it as a sweet and sticky coating. 

Duppy Jerk Salmon

If fish is your dish. Caress your fillets with some Duppy Jerk Marinade for that extra kick you've been looking for. 

Passa Passa BBQ Chicken Wings

Succulent chicken wings baked in my luscious Cognac infused BBQ sauce. Savour the flavour and lick those lips. 

Island Fusions Tacos.

Did some body say Taco Tuesday?!....Well you know that Duppy Jerk Marinade will give your pulled pork, chicken or beef that Island spice Fusion that's needed. If your vegan then try Jack fruit as a yummy alternative. Drizzle some Passa Passa BBQ Sauce over the top and lovingly sprinkle your desired garnish to give your taco some vibrancy. 


Our Policy Info

Everything You Need to Know

Island Fusions was created with one goal in mind: Having the best possible shopping experience for our customers.

Island Fusions prides itself on maintaining a low wastage policy. This means all food wastage is used as compost, our bottles are 90% recyclable, our packaging and boxes including labels are all made from recycled cardboard and paper and are also biodegradable. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service and we maintain never straying from our founding principles. Check out our store policies, which are detailed below. Contact us if you have further questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Due to health and safety regulations we do not accept returns or offer refunds! But this should not affect your consumer satisfaction.




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Spice Feed

First Name: Nicole

How was your overall experience and what items did you purchase?: I had the mini infusions kit and Wow I have only used the Passa Passa Jerk BBQ Sauce but had to leave a review. It is a great sauce and versatile to use. The flavours come together in a sweet smokey blend with the cognac humming in the background. I can’t wait for it to come in larger bottles because I want to just have it with every meal

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: -

First Name: Francis

How was your overall experience and what items did you purchase?: Loved the kit loved the sauce...

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: -

First Name: Jonny

How was your overall experience and what items did you purchase?: The sauce was excellent and loved the kit.

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: -

Name: Jason C.What are your thoughts?: I really enjoyed the zesty taste of the jerk marinade on some chicken wings. Words are not enough but it was a delicious blend of flavours.

Name: Kelvin What are your thoughts?: Ooh very good thumbs up from me espically the Bbq sauce, you can taste cognac.

What are your thoughts?: I had the mini fusion kit and I loved it. I used the marinade for my chicken wings. They  were authentic which makes it different . you can taste the seasonings thus it made my wings tasty and moreish 😋 The marinade made it easy to prepare my dish, no need to search through my spice rack for various spices, I just added a few spoonful of the marinade to my wings and popped it in the oven. The Jerk sauce was rich in flavours, I used it with my fish, also on my breakfast sandwich and seafood Spagetti dish. I’ll certainly be purchasing more and would definitely recommend to my friends and family



London, UK



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